Dutch Kickboxing

Dutch Style Kickboxing

What is dutch style kickboxing? What makes it the most effective striking system on the planet...
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Muay Thai Kickboxing

Dutch Style vs. Muay Thai

What are the differences between the two kickboxing styles. Which one is the best...
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Dutch Style Gyms

Kickboxing Gyms

How to pick a dutch style gym. Which one is the best...
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Dutch Style Kickboxing | Holland Kickboxing

Dutch Style Kickboxing

Dutch style kickboxing is a form of Muay Thai Kickboxing mixed with boxing and Karate,  that originated from the Netherlands. Muay Thai is the top combative sport in Thailand and their national sport, which Muay Thai is sometimes known as the “art of eight limbs.” Because of the fact that this technique uses eight areas of contact (including fists, elbows, shins, and knees) unlike the two or four points used in other kickboxing and combative sports. The Dutch style kickboxing not only incorporates Muay Thai for its basics, but also uses Japanese kickboxing, which is a combination of Japanese boxing and Kyokushin karate. Japanese Kyokushin karate focuses on speed and agility, and the philosophy behind Kyokushin was meant to bring self-improvement, training, and discipline. Dutch style kickboxing was found in the Netherlands in 1976, and the founders brought both Muay Thai and Japanese kickboxing together to create the Dutch version of the kickboxing art.

Dutch Style Kickboxing Techniques

Dutch style kickboxing uses speed, agility, clinching, and other techniques derived from the two combative arts (Muay Thai and Japanese kickboxing). Unlike the sport of boxing, in kickboxing clinching is allowed and used often in all variations of the sport. The technique of clinching is used as both offensive and defensive moves when fighting, and this is where the fighter tries to hold back his opponents hands so they are unable to throw punches (such as uppercut and hook punches). In this position, the fighter keeps his opponent from fighting back, and he can attack with his knees or elbows, which this is a traditional move in Muay Thai because it allows you to keep your opponent pinned while you take blows at them. The types of clinching used in Dutch style kickboxing (plus Muay Thai) include the arm clinch, side clinch, low clinch, and swan-neck.

Other techniques for Dutch style kickboxing include the basic punches, kicks, elbow, knee, and foot thrusts. There are so many types of moves used in a fight, and the basic punches used during a match include a jab, cross, swing, hook, spinning back fist, uppercut, and cobra punch. The basic kicks and foot thrusts include a straight kick, axe heel kick, spinning heel kick, roundhouse kick, jump kick, straight foot thrust, slapping foot thrust, reverse foot thrust, and jumping foot thrust. The two unique moves popular in Dutch style kickboxing (and Muay Thai) include the elbow and knee techniques, which are the elbow slash, curving knee strike, uppercut elbow, straight knee strike, spinning elbow, knee slap, elbow and double elbow chop, knee bomb, mid-air elbow strike, and the flying knee.

Dutch Style Kickboxing Combos

The Dutch variation of kickboxing is similar to Muay Thai, but the strategies used for both are different, and the Dutch style kickboxing uses slower moves and compromises lower kicks than Muay Thai does. However, distinct in both variations of kickboxing are combination moves, and the combination moves mix the basic moves (punches, kicks, etc.) into more complex moves. Some of the defensive moves used for all kickboxing styles, including Dutch style kickboxing, are slipping, bobbing and weaving, parrying (blocking), covering, and clinching. Slipping is when the fighter slightly moves out of the way to avoid the punch, so the fighter slips out of the way of harm. Bobbing and weaving is when the fighter adverts the oncoming punch by shifting his weight (while bending his knees) and then emerging either on the outside or inside of his opponent where he will be able to strike.

Today, Dutch style kickboxing, is most popular in MMA sports because it is a mixed martial art (since it contains Muay Thai and Japanese kickboxing, with Kyokushin karate), and many people who train for MMA will learn this style of kickboxing. A typical, basic workout for Muay Thai training (which this includes Dutch style kickboxing as well) starts with fifteen minutes of rope skipping (going at various speeds). Then, five rounds of shadow boxing with taking one-minute breaks, and kick, punch, knee, and elbow techniques are used. Five rounds of bag practice using all attacks with one-minute breaks, and then you are ready to spar with a trainer or senior fighter who will be on the defense while you attack as fast as possible using whatever techniques you know. Also, throughout training in dutch style kickboxing the fighter will experience general exercises such as push-ups, lifting weights, running, etc.